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6 Best Headphones for Guitar Amps 2021

Guitar practice with a pair of headphones and an amp may not seem ideal, but sometimes it’s necessary and can even be beneficial as you hone in on your playing weaknesses and work to improve them. Understandably, silent practice at home will prevent you waking up the

Best Earbuds Under $30 of 2021

It can be hard to find good quality headphones that do not cost a fortune, but every music lover knows and expects to be replacing the headphones that come with their phone or device. The problem with planning to replace the factory standard earbuds is the vast

Headphones Unboxed Scholarship 2021

We thank you for all the fantastic submissions. The winner of the 2018 scholarship has been notified and awarded. It is with great pleasure that we announce the 2018 Headphones Unboxed scholarship. This scholarship was created to help students understand the importance of sound quality and the